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We've had so much demand for joining PDX Waitlist recently, we've temporarily paused new signups to support our current customers.

If you're interested to join us, use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page and we'll let you know when we are taking new signups again.

PDX Waitlist Premium

Accept online applications, manage your waitlists, and show parents where they stand with our intuitive tools

Cost: $15 per waitlist application

  Pricing Details

Features include:
Organize Tours: Robust tour scheduling and tour management for any child care center
Accept Online Applications: Parents can apply to join your waitlist on our easy to use website
Manage Your Waitlist: Streamline how you manage your waitlist and minimize paperwork with our intuitive tools
Parent Website: Our self-service portal enables parents to check their position and update their information

Pricing Details:
PDX Waitlist Premium

Pricing for PDX Waitlist Premium is simple: No subscription fees, just $15 per waitlist application

Enter your current waitlist fee to see how it would work for your center:


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