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As a parent, it's hard work to find great care for your infant, toddler, or preschooler. Research, tours, applications, waitlists...your search can feel like a full-time job.

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PDX Waitlist makes it easy to apply for child care

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Intuitive Software for Child Care Providers

Automate how you manage your tours and waitlists, and spend more time doing the work you love

  • Simple: Find families instantly with our powerful search
  • Fast: Process new applications in under a minute
  • Mobile: Optimized for modern parents
  • Secure: Our web and database encryption keeps your information safe
  • Free and premium plans affordable for any size center

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Is your center located outside of Portland? No problem! PDX Waitlist is available to any child care center in the USA.

What Providers Are Saying

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Using PDX Waitlist is really intuitive and basically organizes itself. Parents do all the work of putting in their data and I just click a few buttons to find what I need. It's rare that I have time to be at my desk, so the fact that PDX Waitlist minimizes paperwork is great because it gives me more time to work with my staff and be in our classrooms.

- Brent Friedlander, Former Site Director
Joyful Noise CDC

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I was giving a tour the other day and talking about how easy PDX Waitlist makes the application process when a parent told me, "I'm already on that site and it's so nice to have everything in one place." I hadn't realized PDX Waitlist would actually be a selling point for our center.

- Allison Delorey, Site Director
Growing Seeds

This website has completely streamlined how we manage our waitlist, and is a life changing improvement compared to the old Excel sheet we were using. It has saved me so much time by eliminating data entry, and it's super easy to navigate. I couldn't imagine running a waitlist any other way.

- Sarah Winters, Former Admin. Asst.
Growing Seeds

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As an in-home provider, I've created just about every system I need to use, but PDX Waitlist took that off my plate as far as enrollment's concerned. I didn't realize how much time that would save me. Plus, they check in regularly to see if I need something or to add new features based on feedback from all of the providers on the site – it's fabulous and I tell everyone I know about it.

- Jennifer Loring, Director
Stumptown Kids Preschool

Our Story

Raising our own little girl in Portland, OR, we had various child care plans fall through during her first few years of life and found ourselves in the application & waitlist cycle again and again. Each time, we had no idea whether any of the waitlists we were on would pan out in time, and that uncertainty was stressful.

After meeting with several local child care providers, we realized that managing waitlists was challenging for them as well, and that's when the idea for our app was born.

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