About PDX Waitlist

PDX Waitlist makes it easy for child care providers to manage their waitlists

We've spent countless hours with centers understanding how to simplify the application and waitlist process, eliminate administrative burdens, and free you up to spend more time working with kids.

PDX Waitlist makes it easy for parents to apply for care

PDX Waitlist is bringing parents a modern web experience by accepting online applications, taking credit cards, providing transparency about families' waitlist status, and making it easy to update child care preferences.

PDX Waitlist is committed to our community

As a socially-minded business, we donate a portion of our profits to child-related nonprofits.

Our Core Principles

Our products at PDX Waitlist are guided by these key principles:

For child care providers:

  • Build simple & intuitive tools to manage your waitlist that your staff will love to use
  • Save providers time on administrative tasks so you can focus on kids
  • Your voice determines our new features -- we rely on your feedback to make our product great
  • We focus on privacy and security to help keep your families' personal information safe

For parents:

  • Create a simple experience for parents to apply for care and find the best center for your child
  • Bring waitlists to the modern web by providing real-time status updates and the ability to make changes without having to call or email child care centers
  • Provide full transparency into your child's position on the waitlist, so you can make child care arrangements accordingly

Our Story

Raising our own little girl in Portland, OR, we had various child care plans fall through during her first few years of life and found ourselves in the application & waitlist cycle again and again. Each time, we had no idea whether any of the waitlists we were on would pan out in time, and that uncertainty was stressful. We looked at each other, talked to other parents, and realized there had to be an easier way.

So we started asking several local child care providers about their experience managing waitlists. And we heard that managing waitlists was challenging for them as well -- full of paper forms, complicated Excel sheets, keeping track of lots of cash, and frequent questions from parents about where they stood on the list. That's when the idea for PDX Waitlist was born.

Over the past few years, we've built a robust website for both parents and child care centers -- where parents can apply for care, centers can manage their waitlists, and both sides can check a family's status or update their child care preferences. We've tried to create a product that we would use ourselves; in fact we are still on several of these waitlists and check our place regularly!

If there is ever anything that you have a question about or ideas about what we could improve, do not hestitate to drop us a line below. We'd love to hear from you!

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